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Beyond fame – the value of science communication

By: Bert Vercnocke,
postdoc at the UvA Institute of Physics
‘Who can pitch his research in the best possible way to a lay audience? That seems to be the concept of Famelab, the largest competition for science communication in the world. But looks can deceive. FameLab wants to be more than a contest for stand-up scientists. To help make science more accessible to the public, the British Council has built a worldwide web to train new ambassadors, many hundreds each year, spread over all continents. And I had the privilege of being one of them.’
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Evenement als valorisatie?

Devoxx4 kids 2014 bij de FNWI. Foto: Siesja Kamphuis

Devoxx4 kids 2014 bij de FNWI. Foto: Siesja Kamphuis

Door: Bart Groeneveld – Zaterdag 20 september. 175 kinderen tussen 8 en 14 jaar. Vanaf 9 uur druppelen ze binnen op onze faculteit. Klaar om de hele dag te gaan doen wat ze thuis ook graag doen: achter een computer zitten. Deze zaterdag in het kader van Devoxx4Kids: in scratch programmeren, een Lego Robot aansturen en minecraft herprogrammeren.

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What defines science?


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By: FSR – The Faculty of Science, far from the city centre and other faculties, sometimes appears to be very proud of its independence and its differences with other faculties. In a recent BètaBreak event, these differences were discussed. Some argued that science and social science are actually very related and that we should not divide the sciences so strictly. Although others did not agree, the thought of science and social science becoming more closely related appeared to be widespread in the audience. Lees verder